Alfred Research Alliance members secure more than $30.4m in NHMRC funding

Member organisations from the Alfred Research Alliance have received a total of more than $30.4 million in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding, announced today.

The funding covers 19 different projects, comprising 18 Investigator Grants and one Centre of Research Excellence grant.

The Investigator Grant scheme is the largest of the NHMRC’s funding schemes, and aims to support the research program of outstanding investigators at all career stages. The scheme provides five-year funding security for high-performing researchers through its salary and research support packages.

Meanwhile, the Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) scheme provides support for teams of researchers to pursue collaborative research and develop capacity in clinical research, health services research, public health research and dementia research.

The total amount received by the Alliance member organisations came to $30,434,399. The grants cover a range of areas including clinical trials, the health impacts of climate change, patient outcomes in intensive care, public health and health policy, cardiovascular disease and women’s health.

The successful applications included:

Monash University

Prof Paul Myles – “Improving the Impact and Efficiency of Perioperative Clinical Trials” – Investigator Grants Leadership 3, $3,241,612

Prof Yuming Gao – “New Knowledge and Research Capacity for Health Impacts of Global Environmental Change with Big Data, Novel Approach and New Technology” – Investigator Grants Leadership 1, $2,598,844

Prof Carol Hodgson – “A Centre for Research Excellence to Transform Outcomes of Critically Ill Patients in ICU (CRE-ICU)” – Centre of Research Excellence – Clinical, $2,500,000

A/Prof Joanne McKenzie – “Improving evidence synthesis methods to enhance decision making about public health and policy interventions” – Investigator Grants Leadership 1, $2,248,555

Prof Belinda Gabbe – “Harnessing the power of diverse data to model population impacts of injury and inform health and social policy” – Investigator Grants Leadership 2, $1,885,378

Prof Helena Teede – “Implementation research: Delivering impact at the interface between reproductive and metabolic women’s health” – Investigator Grants Leadership 3, $1,870,806

Dr Shanshan Li – “Health Risk Assessment of Bushfire Smoke on Children and Pregnancy Outcomes” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 2, $1,570,120

Prof Mark Fitzgerald – “Reducing Resuscitation Errors” – Investigator Grants Leadership 2, $1,500,000

Dr Andrew Neal – “Stereo-EEG and precision neuropsychology: optimising epilepsy surgery and minimising neurocognitive risk” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 1, $650,740

Dr Margaret Lam – “Dissecting the impacts of the bacterial host versus plasmid on the AMR burden” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 1, $650,740

Dr Alisa Higgins – “Healthcare resource utilisation and long term outcomes following critical illness” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 1, $613,240

Dr Shalini Arunogiri – “Transforming outcomes by investigating integrated treatments for methamphetamine use and trauma” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 1, $450,370

Dr Aidan Burrell – “Improving Outcomes after Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 1, $450,370

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Prof David Kaye – “Better care for HFpEF patients through integrated basic, clinical and translational research” – Investigator Grants Leadership 3, $2,741,612

Prof Peter Meikle – “Integrating lipidomic, metabolomic and genomic studies to define causal metabolic pathways in cardiometabolic disease: Delivering precision medicine solutions for Australia” – Investigator Grants Leadership 3, $2,427,015

Prof Thomas Marwick – “Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Cancer Survivors by Recognition and Treatment of Subclinical Disease” – Investigator Grants Leadership 3, $1,944,017

Burnet Institute

Dr Nick Scott – “Using modelling to guide the control of hepatitis C as a public health threat” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 2, $1,570,120

A/Prof Peter Azzopardi – “Defining effective health actions for adolescents globally” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 2, $870,120

Dr Julie Hennegan – “Measuring unmet menstrual health needs and their impacts on health and education” – Investigator Grants Emerging Leadership 1, $650,740

Congratulations to all of the successful applicants from across the precinct!