Alfred Research Alliance Receives $29m+ in NHMRC Funding

Member organisations from the Alfred Research Alliance have attracted a total of more than $29 million in funding from the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants, announced on Saturday 7 December.

The grants cover a range of areas including cardiovascular disease, public health, cancer, infectious diseases, biostatistics and epidemiology. This funding will enable Alliance researchers to continue their world-leading research that aims to solve local, national and international health challenges.

The successful applications included:

Monash University

Prof Paul Myles – “Tranexamic acid to Reduce Infection after Gastrointestinal Surgery – the TRIGS Trial” – Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants, $5,196,595

Prof Erica Wood – “Addressing Australia’s national transfusion research priorities” – Synergy Grants, $5,000,000

Prof Karin Leder – “Assessing exposure pathways for pathogens causing gastrointestinal infection and antimicrobial resistance acquisition among children living in informal coastal settlements” – Ideas Grants, $2,979,546.50

Dr Joseph Doyle – “Same-visit hepatitis C testing and treatment to accelerate cure among people who inject drugs: a cluster randomised controlled trial” – Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants, $1,459,971

Dr Catherine Carmichael – “Novel therapeutic strategies for an aggressive subtype of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia” – Ideas Grants, $1,385,686.50

A/Prof Justin Hamilton – “Inhibition of the platelet thrombin receptor PAR4 to prevent thrombosis in coronary artery disease” – Ideas Grants, $1,148,011

Dr Phillip Kantharidis – “Targeting pro-resolution pathways to reverse diabetic kidney disease” – Ideas Grants, $1,046,310.80

A/Prof Christoph Hagemeyer – “Self-regulated, glucose-responsive nanomaterials for smart insulin delivery” – Ideas Grants, $944,796

A/Prof Janet Bray – “Heart Matters: a Heart Safe Communities partnership to improve cardiovascular awareness and response to symptoms in regions at highest risk of heart attacks” – Partnership Projects, $905,714.50

A/Prof Ross Dickins – “Mechanisms of AML differentiation therapy response and relapse” – Ideas Grants, $808,880

Dr Marcus Robinson – “Defining sources of IgE in chronic allergic diseases” – Ideas Grants, $731,920

A/Prof Deborah Glass – “Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) Exposure and Health Outcomes in Firefighters” – Targeted Calls for Research, $566,906.10

Prof Andrew Forbes – “Pragmatic cluster randomised trials: Bridging the gap between theory and practice” – Ideas Grants, $480,350

Dr Phoebe Thwaites – “The role of the gas-sensing capsule in defining gastrointestinal pathophysiology in chronic intestinal disorders” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $130,523

Dr Rekha Pai Mangalore – “Beta-lactam antibiotic dose individualization in the treatment of sepsis using therapeutic drug monitoring” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $130,523

Dr Jessica O’Brien – “Quantifying myocardial inflammation in acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $130,523

Ms Nadia Khan – “Utilisation of health services in pancreatic and oesophagogastric cancers” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $67,660.25

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

A/Prof Julie McMullen – “Nano-Ghosts loaded with PI3K-based biologicals for the infarcted heart” – Ideas Grants, $789,218.50

Dr Chengxue Qin – “Exploiting Biased Agonists of Formyl Peptide Receptors as Pharmacotherapy for Pulmonary Hypertension: simultaneous targeting of vascular function and remodelling” – Ideas Grants, $734,122

Dr Xiaowei Wang – “Personalised medicine for inflammatory and thrombotic diseases: Generating novel and transformative diagnostic, therapeutic and theranostic approaches” – Ideas Grants, $678,141

Dr Graeme Lancaster – “The Cellular Lipid Landscape is a Defining Trait of Human and Murine Immune Systems: Determining the Role of Ether Lipids in Myeloid Cells” – Ideas Grants, $630,405.40

Dr Yi Wang – “The role of neuronal Trim28 in regulating metabolism” – Ideas Grants, $600,862

Dr Jonathan Sen – “The Role of Myocardial Disease in Phenotypes of Cardiac Ageing” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $108,852.50

Burnet Institute

Dr Daniel Opi – “Enhanced identification of targets of immunity to advance P. vivax vaccine development” – Ideas Grants, $608,764

Dr Rowan Martin-Hughes – “An investment case to catalyze funding for maternal, newborn and child health” – Ideas Grants, $561,646

Dr Suman Majumdar – “Towards ending a multidrug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in Papua New Guinea” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $108,852.50

Mr Brendan Harney – “Achieving and sustaining hepatitis C elimination among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men living with HIV” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $90,047

Mr Michael Traeger – “Epidemiology and Prevention of Sexually Transmissible Infections among Gay and Bisexual Men in the Era of HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $67,660.25

La Trobe University

Dr Alexander Pinto – “Identifying new cellular targets to treat heart failure” – Postgraduate Scholarships, $1,059,932

Congratulations to all of the successful applicants from across the precinct!