Around the Precinct: 13 February 2020

Cracking the code on hookworm, is coeliac disease really on the rise and celebrating women in science – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

EVE-M project

Burnet Institute celebrated the women of EVE-M on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Monash University – Central Clinical School

Cracking the code for hookworm infestation
Hookworms infect nearly 700 million people in the world, mostly in countries where sanitation is poor, and people often walk barefoot.
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Gene-product therapy a success in cystic fibrosis treatment
Gene-product modulating therapy – which acts on the proteins arising from the gene rather than trying to correct the gene itself – has been attracting considerable scientific attention in recent years.
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Coeliac disease: on the rise or just being reported more?
Does the rising rate of a chronic disease – in this case, coeliac disease – mean that it is being detected more or is the rate of the disease really rising? Or both?
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Improving the lives of people with Primary Immune Deficiency
A Monash immunologist, Dr Emily Edwards, combines her passion for science with a passion for helping people, as new vice-president of the Australia Patient Immunodeficiency Patient Support (AusPIPS) not-for-profit charity.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Senior female role models in science are critical
Gender equity is an issue impacting all facets of life and science is one sector that is grappling with this issue.
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Forging new ground: a role model for his people and his students
When the Baker Institute IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong gets underway this month, Tyrone Bean will be among the competitors taking on his first half IRONMAN.
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Burnet Institute

Coronavirus, a rapidly evolving global health issue (UPDATED)
The Australian Government, like others around the world, is implementing procedures aimed at reducing the spread of the coronavirus.
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Burnet’s EVE-M team celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science
A flagship Burnet project is aiming to revolutionise female sexual and reproductive health.
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Milestone for HIV diagnostic
Burnet Institute warmly welcomes Nigeria’s approval of a Burnet-developed diagnostic for adoption in the National HIV Control Program.
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