Around the Precinct: 16 January 2020

Understanding the effects of bushfire smoke, how DNA testing will work in GP clinics and the project revolutionising women’s health – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Burnet Institute's EVE-M project has the potential to transform women's health.

Burnet Institute’s EVE-M project has the potential to transform women’s health.

Alfred Health

Update on patients from White Island tragedy
This page will be updated with information about patients transferred from New Zealand as it becomes available.
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The effects of bushfire smoke explained
With smoke from Australia’s devastating bushfires blanketing Melbourne this week, many people have experienced an onset of coughs, sore throats and more severe respiratory complications like asthma. Associate Professor Mark Hew, respiratory specialist at The Alfred, explains why bushfire smoke can be so dangerous for some people.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

DNA testing is about to come to GP clinics. How will it work? – SMH Explainer
In 2003, humanity completed perhaps its most ambitious voyage of exploration when scientists mapped the human genome — the three-billion-plus pairs of DNA that make us human.
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Burnet Institute

EVE-M: Transforming women’s health
Burnet leads ambitious new concept to revolutionise women’s sexual and reproductive health.
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Deakin University

Deakin reveals most popular 2020 courses for school-leavers
Deakin has revealed its most popular courses chosen by more than 5500 school-leavers from Victoria and Queensland as part of the Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre’s (VTAC) 2019 December round of offers.
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