Around the Precinct – 23 September 2021

This week, one Alliance member was at the forefront of Victoria’s COVID-19 response with the Burnet Institute providing the modelling that informed the state government’s roadmap announced last weekend. And with vaccination being key to opening up again, cardiologists from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute are calling on those with heart conditions to talk to their GP or health professional about vaccines to protect themselves from infection.

Elsewhere on the precinct, Alfred Health has opened a clinic offering free health screening to workers at risk of silicosis and Monash University is investigating how gut microbe signatures could indicate adverse responses to cancer treatments.

Monash gut microbe signatures

A Monash study has found gut microbiota signatures may signal adverse body responses to cancer treatments.

Alfred Health

Clinic for workers exposed to toxic dust opens
Victorian workers at risk of silicosis can now access free health screening at Australia’s only dedicated public hospital occupational respiratory clinic, making care more available for people at risk of developing the deadly lung disease.
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Monash University – Central Clinical School

Gut microbe signatures may indicate adverse reaction to cancer treatments
A collaborative study involving Monash University has revealed specific gut microbiota signatures that may signal adverse body responses to cancer immunotherapy treatments.
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Developing improved non-invasive imaging for assessing heart damage
Cardiac fibrosis is a scarring process causing excess deposition of collagen in the heart, leading to distortion of its architecture and function. It is a significant disease feature in many cardiac conditions, including heart failure, atrial fibrillation (AF) and myocardial infarction (MI).
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Better outcomes for critically ill patients the focus of new research centre
Professor Carol Hodgson will lead a new Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) that will rapidly generate and translate new knowledge for patients who require invasive life support in intensive care settings. The NHMRC announced funding for the CRE to Transform Outcomes of Critically Ill Patients in ICU (CRE-ICU) this week.
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Is greenery the secret to slowing the biological ageing process?
We all know being surrounded by greenery is good for the mind and soul, but can it be good for the body, too? Planetary health researchers at Monash University’s School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine have found that may indeed be the case, at least for women.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Cardiologists call on people with heart conditions to discuss vaccine benefits
Cardiologists are worried that a big group of people set to benefit the most from COVID-19 vaccinations — those with heart conditions — could be missing out because of a misperception of risk from the vaccine compared to the consequences of COVID-19.
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Burnet Institute

Statement of support of TGA
Evidence-based health and medical organisations and individuals support Therapeutic Goods Administration; condemn threats to TGA staff.
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Modelling the Victorian Roadmap
Burnet’s COVID-19 mathematical modelling was commissioned by the Victorian Government to inform the Victorian Roadmap.
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Rapid COVID-19 test a Burnet collaboration
A new finger prick test that can quickly assess a person’s level of neutralising antibodies as a measure of immunity to COVID-19 is being developed by Burnet Institute in collaboration with Doherty Institute, with funding support from the Victorian Government.
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New test to diagnose vaginal inflammation could help reduce risk of HIV infection
Burnet researchers are working with an international team in trials of an effective affordable tool that could have a major impact on reproductive health.
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Burnet support of Congress vaccination strategy
On behalf of the Burnet Institute, we would like to affirm our support for the efforts of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (Congress) to protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from the Delta variant of the SARS-Cov-2 virus.
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Burnet Student Symposium
The breadth of Burnet research – from geospatial mapping of disease burden among mothers and children in PNG, to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people’s mental health in Australia – was showcased in a program of outstanding presentations at Burnet Institute’s 2021 Student Symposium.
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