Around the Precinct – 28 October 2021

From advancements in anaesthesia and multiple sclerosis detection to treatments for lung disease, traumatic brain injury and hepatitis C, this week’s wrap-up shows that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed down other areas of research on the precinct. But as more restrictions lift and many of us get back to our favourite activities, our colleagues at Alfred Health remain busier than ever. This week, they share a story from a COVID-19 survivor who spent seven months in The Alfred’s ICU.

Sergio Alfred Health

COVID-19 patient Sergio spent seven months in The Alfred’s ICU, including more than 100 days on an ECMO machine.

Alfred Health

Sergio’s lifesaving 100 days on ECMO
When Sergio felt a tingling sensation in the back of his throat, he quickly went and got tested for COVID-19.
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Monash University – Central Clinical School

Can delirium after major surgery be reduced by tranexamic acid?
Congratulations to Professor Paul Myles on his grant from the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) of $120,000 over two years for the project “Tranexamic acid to reduce delirium after gastrointestinal surgery: the TRIGS-D trial”.
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How a very simple test can help clinicians see subtle cognitive changes in multiple sclerosis
More than 50% of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience cognitive problems as part of their disease. These cognitive problems subtly worsen with time and can be difficult to measure with standard neuropsychological assessments. Hence, it can be challenging for neurologists to monitor and detect small changes in cognitive function in day-to-day practice.
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‘Thank you for asking’: patient-centred research helps drive change in lung disease treatment
Monash University researchers are giving new hope to people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with the COVID-19 pandemic prompting some of the first innovations in treatment models in 30 years.
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From little things, bigger things grow
The concept of research and consumer partnerships is not a new one, but the scientific community has increasingly recognised its importance in recent years, with a growing proportion of funding bodies now recommending or requiring consumer engagement for grant pitches.
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Petition for NHMRC to create gender equity needs your signature
A petition has been released calling on medical researchers and the greater scientific community of Australia to challenge the NHMRC to urgently commence at strategic overhaul of current funding schemes to ensure Equitable funding for Women in STEMM.
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Looking after your wellbeing and mental health in this pandemic, endemic and beyond
COVID-19 has significantly changed our daily life, an outcome shared across the world. Here in Melbourne, endless lockdowns and the question of “Will we ever be back to normal?” haunts us all.
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New international collaboration to drive clinical translation for traumatic brain injury in young children
Preventive and targeted drug therapies have great potential to improve the lasting social behavioural problems that occur in young children following a traumatic brain injury.
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

New Learning Health System Framework for the health sector to transform care in COVID and beyond
The Australian healthcare system is under major pressure, but a new Learning Health System framework developed by Monash Partners and Monash University will better connect community priorities with the latest research and health professionals to improve patient care.
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Aged care staff urgently need training to report and prevent sexual assault
An estimated 50 sexual assaults occur nationally every week in Australian residential aged care facilities. Despite this shocking figure, none of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s 148 recommendations released earlier this year specifically address the prevention of sexual violence.
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New data on the significant costs borne by disability pension applicants
A Monash University-led survey of Disability Support Pension applicants and recipients has underscored the significant administrative, financial and psychological burdens faced by those with reduced capacity to cope as they apply for payments.
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The mental health challenges facing ageing women: Insights from female baby boomers
The ageing population in Australia is well-documented. The 65-plus population has increased from 12.3% to 15.9% cent over the past 20 years. This group is projected to increase more rapidly over the next decade, as further cohorts of baby boomers turn 65.
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Burnet Institute

Professor Caroline Homer appointed NHMRC Council Chair
Burnet Institute’s Professor Caroline Homer AO has been appointed Chair of the Council of the National Health and Medical Research Council.
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Sustained investment is needed to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030
A new report highlights the ongoing decline of hepatitis C testing and treatment uptake and the cost-effectiveness of sustained investments in treatments.
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COVID doesn’t need to run rampant. Here are 6 ways to keep cases low in the next year
Professor Brendan Crabb and Professor Nancy Baxter highlight the importance of a vaccines-plus strategy in a commentary for The Conversation.
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As Melbourne cautiously opens up today, what lies ahead?
Professor Mike Toole AM and Professor Mark Stoové take a look at what lies ahead for post-lockdown Melbourne in this commentary for The Conversation.
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Social media analysis shows support for public health measures
TIGER C19 analysis of Twitter and Reddit keywords reflects mixed impact of extended lockdowns in Australia.
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Burnet Institute statement re. article
Statement in response to an article questioning peer-reviewed Burnet study findings on the impact of a mandatory mask policy.
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Calls for PNG government directive to stop use of anti-worm drug
Social media misinformation drives demand for ivermectin in PNG for COVID-19, despite WHO warnings against its use.
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BioAgilytix closes acquisition of Australia-based 360biolabs
360biolabs, the most comprehensive contract research organization in Australia and New Zealand, has now officially joined forces with BioAgilytix Labs, LLC (BioAgilytix), a leading global contract research organization focused on supporting pharmaceutical and biotech partners in all phases of drug development.
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