Around the Precinct: 30 April 2020

Cracking the immunity code of COVID-19, support for Australia’s first clinical vaccine trials and World Malaria Day 2020 – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Prof Anne Holland, Monash University

Prof Anne Holland from Monash University has developed an at-home rehabilitation program to help those with respiratory illness.

Alfred Health

Cracking the code on COVID-19
Dr James McMahon, Infectious Diseases physician and Head of Clinical Research at the Alfred Hospital and Monash University, has his sights set on cracking the immunity code of COVID-19.
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Monash University – Central Clinical School

Monash program offering at-home care for patients with lung and respiratory conditions
Monash telehealth research is able to help both COVID-19 and non-COVID patients with lung illnesses to manage their condition while in home isolation during the pandemic lockdown.
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Cracking the COVID-19 immunity code 
Monash University’s Dr James McMahon, an infectious disease expert and hospital clinician at The Alfred and Monash Health, is leading the development of a biobank aimed at cracking the immunity code of COVID-19.
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Numbercrunching to find a stable target for inhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 virus
In the absence of a vaccine or an approved effective therapy against COVD-19, there is an interest in repositioning existing drugs or developing new inhibitors against viral targets.
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International study highlights diabetes risks in COVID-19
A Lancet review has found elderly people with diabetes who contract COVID-19 are at a much higher risk of dying from the disease – and the virus may actually trigger diabetes onset in normally healthy people.
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Burnet Institute

Global COVID-19 pandemic: latest
The Australian Government, like others around the world, is rolling out major public health strategies aimed at reducing the spread of the coronavirus.
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Burnet to advise on ACT safe injecting facility
Burnet Institute has been commissioned to investigate the need for a medically supervised safe injecting facility in Canberra.
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New study explores COVID impact on drug use
Burnet is a collaborator in a new study exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the experiences of Australians who use illicit drugs.
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Statement of support for Papua New Guinea
Burnet Institute reaffirms its support for, commitment to, and solidarity with the people of Papua New Guinea during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
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Eliminating malaria in the time of COVID-19
On World Malaria Day 2020, it’s never been more important to stay focused on our collective efforts to control and eliminate malaria.
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COVID-19 tests under the microscope
Professor Brendan Crabb on the need for accurate and reliable tests to help manage the transition away from community lockdowns for COVID-19.
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360biolabs supports the first Australian COVID-19 clinical vaccine trials
In one of the first COVID-19 clinical vaccine trials, US-based clinical-stage biotechnology company Novavax has selected Australian speciality laboratory 360biolabs, to conduct sample analysis for the clinical trial of its SARS-CoV-2 recombinant spike protein nanoparticle vaccine, NVX-CoV2373.
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