Around the Precinct: 4 June 2020

A look behind the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pilot study in the Pacific and new insights into unexplained cardiac death – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Prof Heidi Drummer, Burnet Institute

Prof Heidi Drummer from Burnet Institute is one of the recipients of new COVID-19 funding from the MRFF.

Alfred Health

Beyond the frontline
Teamwork has been the cornerstone of our response to COVID-19. While our frontline workers continue to provide outstanding care, this special video series features some of our other staff who have been crucial in the COVID-19 effort. Hear from six of our staff across security, reception, cleaning, spiritual care, capital works and pathology on how they’ve helped prepare for the pandemic.
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Monash University – School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine

Colour coding emergency triage in the Pacific: a Monash University led pilot study finds added importance in COVID crisis
So far there have been less than a dozen confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea (PNG), however concerns remain that the numbers are greater because of limited testing. A Monash PhD student and emergency medicine physician has adapted a new triage system for hospital emergency departments in the Pacific region.
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Bedside trial of COVID-19 ICU patients helping doctors pinpoint best treatment
Monash University is a major player in global human trials of a suite of repurposed drugs in critically ill patients from intensive care units – in a bid to outsmart pandemics such as COVID-19.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

First annual toll reveals 660 Victorians under 50 lost to unexplained cardiac death 
The first annual Victorian statistics collected on unexplained cardiac death — also known as sudden cardiac death or arrest — have revealed the figures are much higher in people aged under 50 than experts even predicted.
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Heart failure home intervention provides help for vulnerable Australians
The Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute is working with collaborators to trial a new heart failure intervention aimed at keeping some of the most vulnerable Australians out of hospital.
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Burnet Institute

Global COVID-19 pandemic: latest
Burnet’s researchers and public heath experts are supporting the COVID-19 response in Australia and globally across many projects and activities. Find out the latest updates.
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MRFF funding for Burnet COVID research
Burnet research into the development of antivirals for COVID-19 will benefit from important new funding from the Medical Research Future Fund.
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Restrictions eased, but COVID-19 has not gone away
With the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions, Professor Margaret Hellard has warned against complacency.
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Burnet a knowledge hub for COVID-19
Burnet scientists helping fill key COVID-19 knowledge gaps in Australian and global responses.
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Reconciliation Week 2020: 20 Years On, ‘In this together’
Troy Combo spoke to Burnet staff and students about the importance of a commitment to indigenous reconciliation.
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COVID-19 modelling was ‘right’
Professor Brendan Crabb believes adoption of the right modelling has been a key factor in Australia’s relatively low rates of COVID-19.
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Sexual and reproductive health a COVID-19 priority
Australia is being urged by a consortium of NGOs and academic institutes to prioritise the needs of women and girls in its response to COVID-19.
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