Around the Precinct – 6 October 2022

On World Heart Day, the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, the Hon. Mark Butler MP, attended the precinct along with local MPs Josh Burns and Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah to announce a $1 million grant for extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine research. The visit came in the same week that Monash/Alfred researchers led by Professor Carol Hodgson published the first long-term data on ECMO treatment in Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Alfred Monash ECMO grant

Federal Health Minister, the Hon. Mark Butler MP, visited the precinct last week to announce $1 million for ECMO research.

Alfred Health

Reaching out to vulnerable Victorians
It’s the small things that have the biggest impact on social worker Debbie Sulman and her team at Alfred Health’s Homeless Outreach Psychiatric Service (HOPS).
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Life-saving ECMO machine research receives major funding boost
Intensive care specialists from The Alfred will play a major role in new research that aims to better identify patients who will benefit most from the advanced for of life support, known as ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation).
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Heart team sets valve replacement record
Heart specialists at The Alfred have hit a Victorian milestone as they continue to transform care for patients with aortic stenosis, a common but serious condition related to progressive narrowing of the aortic valve.
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Monash University

MRFF backs Monash health and medical research with $28M in funding
The Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) has invested $28 million in funding for Monash research projects that incorporate cardiovascular disease, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, COVID-19, stem cell therapies, international clinical trials and the development of Australia’s transfusion data infrastructure.
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Monash University – Central Clinical School

B cell immunotherapy for hay fever and thunderstorm asthma
Grass pollen allergy is the leading cause of seasonal asthma and hay fever globally with up to 30 per cent of the world’s population allergic to grass pollen allergens.
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Fixing Australia’s home-based aged care system
We know the system of home-based aged care isn’t working well – it lacks integration, is mostly labour-driven and susceptible to workforce challenges, and uses limited technology that could benefit older people and the staff working to help them.
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

New study to see whether a skin cream can prevent heart failure in women
Women’s health expert Prof Susan Davis has been awarded a $160,000 Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant, and along with it their prestigious Ross Hohenen Award for Innovation, for a new study to evaluate the efficacy of testosterone supplementation in preventing a specific type of heart disease in post-menopausal women.
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Combination of poor gait and weak hand grip early indicators of dementia: Monash study reveals
Walking speed and grip strength could be early indicators of dementia before the onset of noticeable symptoms, a Monash University study reveals.
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High quality student assessment to be advanced under new grant
New Monash-Warwick Alliance funding will underpin research led by our Medical Education Research and Quality (MERQ) team, who will advance practice around the use of assessment in public health education.
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First long-term data on life-saving ECMO treatment published
A world first study, led by critical care researcher Professor Carol Hodgson, has found that following life support involving Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), death and disability were common, with just one third of patients alive and without disability at six months after starting treatment.
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Health Minister announces funding for life-saving heart/lung machine research
Research to identify patients who will benefit most from a life-saving machine that acts as the heart and lungs following organ failure has received a $1 million Federal Government funding boost.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Heart Foundation supports novel projects to address heart failure and heart disease risk
Four of our scientists have been awarded Heart Foundation Vanguard grants to support their critical work into the treatment and management of major heart conditions.
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Alarming lack of sudden cardiac arrest warning signs
The cause is common, but in most cases of cardiac arrest there are no warning signs or modifiable risk factors. More than 75 per cent of people who have a cardiac arrest have no warning symptoms, new research out of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute reveals.
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Burnet Institute

COVID isolation rule change ‘disappointing’
Burnet Institute Director and CEO Professor Brendan Crabb AC describes the decision by National Cabinet to scrap mandatory COVID isolation as disappointing, illogical and distressing.
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Isolation: A key pillar of COVID control
If you think scrapping COVID isolation periods will get us back to work and past the pandemic, think again, Professor Brendan Crabb, Professor C Raina MacIntyre and Professor Nancy Baxter write for The Conversation.
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