Heart Foundation funding success for Alliance researchers

The Heart Foundation has announced their 2022 Award Recipients, for research projects commencing in 2023. This year, 14 researchers from the Alfred Research Alliance were successful, recognising our precinct’s excellence in cardiovascular disease research.

Future Leader Fellowship, Level 2

  • Xiaowei Wang, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    Personalised medicine for cardiovascular diseases

Future Leader Fellowship, Level 1

  • James McFadyen, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    Developing new and safer therapies to prevent and treat blood clots

Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Kegan Moneghetti, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    Health benefits and safety of early cardiac rehabilitation post heart attack in people with diabetes
  • Matthew Snelson, Monash University
    Measuring and stopping the leaky gut in hypertension

Vanguard Grant

  • Julie McMullen, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    Identifying new risk markers and treatment strategies for the diseased heart
  • Morag Young, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    Developing a safer drug for heart failure
  • Susan Davis, Monash University
    Prevention of heart failure in women, the ETHEL Study
  • Aiden Burrell, Monash University
    A comparison of scene versus hospital based ECMO initiation for out of hospital cardiac arrest
  • Dion Stub, Monash University
    Manual Pressure Augmentation in Defibrillation of Ventricular Arrhythmias (AUGMENT RCT)
  • Bing Wang, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    New therapy for for heart failure with a preserved ejection
  • Ziad Nehme, Monash University
    The FIrst Responder Shock Trial (FIRST)
  • Andrew Murphy, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    Can lipids in immune cells predict heart disease?
  • Be’eri Niego, Monash University
    Targeted Imaging of Heart Fibrosis in Cardiac Disease

Collaboration & Exchange Award

  • Lisa Moran, Monash University

Congratulations to all of our successful researchers!