What’s Different? The 2020 Alfred Health Week DIGITAL Research Poster Display

What’s different this year?

This year, the 2020 Research Poster Showcase during Alfred Health Week is moving to a digital format. This has a number of very real advantages:

  • No abstracts – single-stage submission
  • Easy online poster submission
  • Low cost: No print and production
  • Saves your time – no pinning up, no taking down, and no need to find someone to help if you’re away or on rounds!
  • Makes use of the new multi-screen media wall at The Innovation and Education Hub
  • Online ‘virtual’ poster display will be available to anyone, anywhere

How to make your research really stand out

Maximising the impact of your poster presentation on digital platforms is important. So, while you’re welcome to submit a PDF of an existing poster, we’ve developed an easy-to-use Digital Poster Template to help you quickly and easily create a contemporary poster which looks great and communicates effectively.

The template is loosely based on the #betterposter design proposed by Mike Morrison when he was a doctoral student at Michigan State University. You’ve probably seen Mike’s video, but if not, you can see it here.

Why use the Poster Template?

The digital Poster Design Template will help you create a contemporary poster which reflects an increasing trend on the international conference circuit, and which also works well on digital platforms. Your template-driven design has many benefits:

  • Fast, easy poster creation – save time, save hassles!
  • Your research in a contemporary poster that is yours to keep
  • Ideal for digital displays at Alfred Health Week & online
  • Highlights purpose & outcomes of your research
  • Reflects latest practice in many conferences & presentations
  • Clear and engaging for expert or lay viewers
    • Increase professional recognition
    • Make more connections
    • Create better opportunities for collaboration
    • Engage with researchers on site and externally
    • Improve the reach of your research by effectively engaging with patients and visitors

The file created fits all the display criteria for our new digital displays at The Hub, can be saved and submitted to other online forums, and is also print-ready – so you can use it for any occasion.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Simply click on the ‘Design My Poster’ link when you’ve completed the submission form to open our easy-to-use PowerPoint template.

Just drag, drop or enter the information you want into your new poster. You can add photos, graphs, charts or other graphic elements, select your own colours, even add a QR code that links back to an abstract, paper or other online information.

Once you’re done, save the slide as a PDF and upload it using the button towards the bottom of your submission form.