NHMRC Funding

About half of the competitive external research funding received annually by Alfred Research Alliance researchers comes from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Major NHMRC grants held by Alliance researchers in 2016

Program Grants

Kaye D, Jennings G, Esler M, Dart A, Kingwell B, Chin-Dusting J, Sviridov D. A program of translational cardiovascular medicine: identifying new targets for prevention and treatment. 2013-2017: $12,406,615. Administering institution: Baker IDI.

Centres of Research Excellence

Abramson M, Sim M, Croft R, Benke G, Vermeulen R, Wiedemann P, Crozier S. Centre of Research Excellence for Population Health Research on Electromagnetic Energy. 2013-2018: $2,499,157. Administering institution: Monash University.

Cameron P, Jacobs I, Bernard S, Finn J, Smith K, Thompson P, Tonkin A. Australian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium. 2011- 2016: $2,498,523. Administering institution: Monash University.

Cooper DJ, Phillips L, Bellomo R, Cameron P, Reade M, Ibister J, French C, Myles P, Webb S, McNeil J. Centre of Research Excellence for Patient Blood Management in Critical Illness and Trauma. 2012-2017: $2,498,407. Administering institution: Monash University.

Cooper ME, Thomas M, El-Osta A, Jandeleit-Dahm K, Groop P-H, Bach L. JDRF/NHMRC Diabetes Complications Centre of Research Excellence. 2014-2018: $2,500,000. Administering institution: Baker IDI.

Dart A, Jennings G, Kaye D, Peter K, Kingwell B, Chin-Dusting J. Centre of Excellence for Clinical Research Training in Translational Cardiology. 2010-2016: $2,500,000. Administering institution: Baker IDI.

Owen N, Salmon J, Trost S, Dunstan D, Eakin E, Healy G, Kingwell B, Lambert G, Timperio A. Centre of Research Excellence on Sedentary Behaviour and Chronic Disease Risk: Mechanisms, Measurement and Research Translation. 2013-2018: $2,499,247. Administering institution: Baker IDI.

Other current NHMRC grants