What’s on today at the Education Centre

The Education Centre is located at the Alfred Research Alliance, within the Alfred precinct in Melbourne.

The Centre provides seminar and meeting facilities for staff and students at the precinct, and rooms can also be hired by external users. It comprises a 200-seat the Lecture Theatre with state-of-the-art technology, a 150-seat Seminar Room and several classrooms and meeting rooms.

The following meetings are scheduled for Friday, March 22nd, 2019, from 09:17 AM.

Education Centre : Current Sessions

MeetingStarting TimeEnd TimeRoom
Smoking Cessation Course8:00 AM6:00 PMClassroom 1
Party Program8:00 AM3:30 PMClassroom 2
Party Program8:00 AM3:30 PMMeeting Rm 4
EMUGS - Ultrasound storage8:00 AM12:00 PMSeminar Room
Renal Med Clinical Meeting8:30 AM9:30 AMClassroom 3
Smoking Cessation Course9:00 AM12:30 PMFoyer - Lecture Theatre
Epworth/Cabrini Exit10:00 AM11:00 AMMeeting Rm 3
HITH11:00 AM1:00 PMMeeting Rm 1
James Campbell11:00 AM12:00 PMMeeting Rm 3
Baker Seminar12:00 PM2:00 PMSeminar Room
MIDS12:30 PM1:30 PMClassroom 3
Radiation Oncology Department meeting12:30 PM1:30 PMFoyer - Lecture Theatre
Radiation Oncology Department meeting12:30 PM1:30 PMLecture Theatre
Venepuncture Training1:30 PM2:30 PMClassroom 3
Smoking Cessation Course1:30 PM5:00 PMFoyer - Lecture Theatre
The Hub2:00 PM3:00 PMMeeting Rm 3
GP Allergy Course set up2:00 PM10:00 PMSeminar Room
Psychiatry Undergrad Debrief2:30 PM3:30 PMClassroom 3
HITH2:30 PM4:30 PMMeeting Rm 1

Library Training Rooms : Current Sessions

MeetingStarting TimeEnd TimeRoom
Cochrane Library12:30 PM2:30 PMComputer Room
Gen surgery medical student teaching2:00 PM3:00 PMTraining Room 1
DRP review2:30 PM3:30 PMTraining Room 4