The Monash Histology Platform offers both a professional histology service as well as access to equipment for ‘do-it-yourself’ histology. A node of the Monash Histology Platform is set up at the Alfred Research Alliance, located in the Monash tenancy on level 1 Burnet Tower, via the Alfred Centre. Services from the entire Histology Platform are available to all researchers under appropriate access arrangements.

All users of the Monash Histology Platform are required to pre-register and undergo an induction and training (if required). A dedicated Histology Technical Officer is onsite part-time at the Alfred Research Alliance to carry out professional histology services, delivery training and competency assessments, transport samples to Monash’s main campus and assist with experimental design.


Researchers at the Alfred Research Alliance site have access to all Professional services offered by the Monash Histology Platform. Some services are performed onsite at the Alfred precinct, while others are performed at the main Monash campus.

Alfred precinct located professional services include:

  • processing to paraffin (ASP300) and
  • training (to access the equipment).

Samples are transported to and from the Alfred precinct up to twice a week, where other Monash Histology services are required eg. sectioning, staining, scanning.


DIY access area at Alfred Precinct:

  • 3 Leica microtomes for paraffin sectioning
  • 1 Medite embedder for paraffin blocking
  • 1 Leica cryostat for frozen sectioning
  • Access to manual staining area.

Access and Contact

Equipment is available through the Monash iLab booking system once the researcher has requested access and completed induction and/or training.

Platform related enquiries

Ms Camilla Cohen
Histology Platform Manager
Monash University
[email protected]

A+ Alliance site-specific enquiries

Ms Kitty Feng
Site supervisor
Monash University
[email protected]