About the Alfred Research Alliance

The Alfred Research Alliance brings together eight independent and diverse organisations to create a community of excellence for medical research and education.

The Alliance brings together Alfred Health, Monash University, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Burnet Institute, Deakin University, La Trobe University, Nucleus Network and 360biolabs – eight organisations that are recognised leaders in their fields, known for their diversity, excellence in research, outstanding patient engagement and award-winning researchers and health practitioners.

Commercial Road in Melbourne is home to the Alfred Medical Research & Education Precinct.

Commercial Road in Melbourne is home to the Alfred Research Alliance.

With more than 8,000 health professionals, researchers, students and support staff on site, the Alfred Research Alliance is an exciting, multi-layered community which is home to some of the world’s leading experts in biomedical, translational, clinical and public health research, and in education and healthcare.

The unique integration of all these fields creates an exceptional environment where we discover, develop and implement cutting edge therapies to address critical, unmet clinical and public health needs, and provide the rich educational environment which allows our students to take their place as tomorrow’s leading clinicians, scientists and health professionals.

We are very much defined by our co-location with The Alfred, one of Australia’s busiest hospitals, which offers acute health services in almost every specialist medical and surgical discipline. Being hospital-centred allows our research to be linked directly to clinical problems, keeping us people-focused and outcome-driven.

The Alliance members share a commitment to furthering knowledge and translating our research into new and improved diagnoses, treatments and public health strategies. And by working together, we know we can make a bigger difference, sooner.

Here, the latest advances in medical research are rapidly translated into the best possible clinical care and health outcomes for the community – locally, nationally and internationally. And that, above all, is our shared vision for the Alfred Research Alliance: To make a positive impact on the lives of real people, every day.

Read about our Vision and Aims, the member organisations making this Alliance a reality, our history, Governance, Collaborations + Affiliations and Centres, Departments and Groups.