The Alfred Research Alliance Council meets every three months to oversee the strategic planning, development and operation of the Alliance and has a major governance role with respect to research. The Alliance Council reports to the Boards of the partner institutions.

Comprising senior delegates from each of the Alliance partners, the Alliance Council provides a forum for the partners, and receives and acts upon reports and advice from

The Alliance Council uses a number of Key Performance Indicators (external research funding, refereed publications and higher degree completions) to monitor annual research outputs.


Strategic Review, Strategic Priorities & Governing Agreement

In 2012, the Alliance Council, with key clinicians, educators and researchers, conducted a strategic review of the Alliance. The outcomes of this review were to clarify priorities, to confirm our approach to a common infrastructure and, where possible, to combined or shared facilities.

This was followed more recently by the development of Strategic Priorities for 2017-2020 and the development of a new Governing Agreement, which was signed on 27 September 2018.