The Alfred Research Alliance is a world leader in medical research and is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading centres for research excellence and real-world health innovation.

High quality, translational research is a feature of the precinct. Here, clinicians, scientists and students take new discoveries from knowledge creation in fundamental research right through into clinical practice.

Research strengths

Through our eight member organisations, we have a range of research strengths, including:

Within these categories, our researchers excel in a wide range of areas from metabolomics, bioinformatics, cancer and immunotherapy, to ophthalmology, psychology, respiratory medicine, preventive medicine, rehabilitation and health services research.

These overlapping strengths and interests, together with the strong translational research focus, clinical connections and collaborative environment within the Alliance, optimises learning and strengthens research.

Funding the future of research

Anatomical PathologyThe strength of our research is underpinned by the ability of our members to consistently attract and retain vital funding. In 2018, external research funding won by Alliance members was in excess of $112 million, and some $26 million from philanthropy and fundraising revenue.

What sets us apart?

Firstly, our co-location with The Alfred, one of Australia’s busiest hospitals, provides a clinically diverse setting that supports patient-centred research. Our public health research and unsurpassed collection of clinical registries means we can follow the impact of specific interventions on health outcomes over time, at both clinical and community levels.

Our health services research improves the delivery of a range of services, ensuring better outcomes for patients, while our extensive capacity for clinical trials (phase I-IV) form a fundamental part of the translational activities here at the Alfred precinct. This gives us the depth and breadth of expertise to translate our discoveries into new interventions on-site.

Start-ups and SMEs co-located on site further extend our on-site expertise into biomedical commercialisation.

It’s a complete, translational research loop, all on one busy and exciting site in the heart of Melbourne… and that helps make us unique in the biomedical research space.

Get in touch

Want to find out more about the research resources and facilities available at the Alfred Research Alliance? Contact the Laboratory Operations staff from our member organisations.