Alfred Research Alliance Attracts $36m in NHMRC Funding


Image: Jaron Nix on Unsplash

Member organisations from the Alfred Research Alliance have attracted a total of more than $36 million in funding from the latest round of investigator grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The grants cover a range of areas including diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, mental health, neuroscience, critical illness and more. This funding will enable Alliance researchers to continue their important work in solving some of the world’s most critical health challenges.

The successful applications included:

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Professor Karlheinz Peter – “Developing innovative targeting strategies for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases” – Leadership, $2,501,595

Professor Jonathan Shaw – “The epidemiology of Diabetes Complications: identifying new risk factors and population trends” – Leadership, $2,348,640

Dr Sandeep Prabhu – “Catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation in patients with heart failure and myocardial fibrosis” – Emerging Leadership Level 1, $523,145.34

Associate Professor Julie McMullen – “Identifying and developing novel therapeutic approaches for heart disease” – Research Fellowship 6th Year Extension, $131,783

Professor David Dunstan – “Unlocking the health effects of sitting to reduce chronic disease” – Research Fellowship 6th Year Extension, $131,783

Read more on the Baker Institute website.

Burnet Institute

Professor James Beeson – “Defining malaria immunity to advance effective vaccines” – Leadership, $2,048,640

Dr Amanda Roxburgh – “Reducing mortality among people who inject drugs: advancing global knowledge of the drivers of fatal and non-fatal overdose within rapidly changing drug markets” – Emerging Leadership Level 1, $639,750

Read more on the Burnet Institute website.

Monash School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Professor John McNeil AO – “Extending disability-free survival among older Australians” – Leadership, $2,501,595

Professor Erica Wood – “New knowledge and research capacity to improve transfusion outcomes in Australia and internationally” – Leadership, $1,973,640

Professor Carol Hodgson – “Early interventions to improve the quality of survival after critical illness” – Emerging Leadership Level 2, $1,243,891

Dr Emma Ridley – “Generation of high quality, clinically relevant knowledge to inform global nutrition practice during critical illness” – Emerging Leadership Level 1, $561,800

Read more on the Monash School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine website.

Monash Central Clinical School

Professor Mark Cooper – “Reducing the burden of diabetic complications” – Leadership, $3,451,595

Professor Terry O’Brien – “Developing new treatments and identifying biomarkers to enable transformational, precision medicine based care for patients with drug resistant epilepsy” – Leadership, $2,848,640

Professor Christopher Fairley – “Optimising the control and management of sexually transmitted infections through research and innovation” – Leadership, $2,500,000

Professor Jayashri Kulkarni – “Innovating women’s mental health” – Leadership, $2,401,595

Dr Catriona Bradshaw – “Innovative approaches to improving treatment and control of mycoplasma genitalium and bacterial vaginosis” – Leadership, $2,007,424

Professor David Tarlinton – “Antibody secreting plasma cells as targets for improved health, vaccines and therapeutics for autoimmune diseases” – Leadership, $1,973,640

Dr Andrew Taylor – “Cardiac MRI in the evaluation of cardiovascular disease – enhancing mechanistic understanding and diagnostic certainty to drive new paradigms of care” – Leadership, $1,864,015

Dr Eric Chow – “A multidisciplinary approach to understanding the transmission dynamics and the control of sexually transmitted infections” – Emerging Leadership Level 2, $1,504,485

Dr Richelle Mychasiuk – “Investigating the intersection between sleep, pain and mild traumatic brain injury: what is the role of the orexin system” – Emerging Leadership Level 2, $1,454,485

Dr Fiona Brown – “A translational framework for discovering novel solutions for drug resistance in acute myeloid leukaemia” – Emerging Leadership Level 1, $639,750

Dr David Wright – “Next generation imaging biomarkers for mild traumatic brain injury” – Emerging Leadership Level 1, $639,750

Dr Kelly Wires – “A clone-specific risk framework for Klebsiella pneumoniae transmission and AMR” – Emerging Leadership Level 1, $639,750

Mr Nenad Macesic – “Integrating genomic and artificial intelligence approaches to combat antimicrobial resistance” – Emerging Leadership Level 1, $639,750

Read more on the Monash Central Clinical School blog.

Congratulations to all of the successful applicants from across the precinct!

UPDATE 12/09: An earlier version of this story accidentally omitted two grants – these have now been added, bringing the total amount received across the precinct to more than $36 million.