Research Week 2023

Join us from 13-17 November to celebrate Alfred Health Week 2023

Alfred Health Week is an annual event that showcases the research excellence of the Alfred Research Alliance here in Melbourne. It celebrates the researchers and clinicians advancing healthcare locally, nationally and internationally through their innovative research.

Join us on Twitter at @Alfred_Research or read on to find out more about what’s happening on our precinct.

Call for Abstracts - CLOSED

As in 2022, there will be no posters this year – just abstracts.

Abstract submissions for 2023 Research Week are now closed.


Monash REMAP-CAP clinical trial

Alfred Health Week Prizes

Each year during Alfred Health Week, a series of prizes are awarded to recognise the excellent research undertaken on the precinct during the previous 12 months.

Alfred Health Week Abstract Prizes

Formerly poster prizes, in 2023 prizes will be offered by a number of the Alfred Research Alliance member organisations for excellent research abstracts in the Scientific Abstract Competition.

Alfred Health Week Prizes 2023