Reports & Publications

The Alfred Research Alliance Annual Research Report provides a comprehensive overview of the annual achievements, research programs and activities conducted by our members across the Alliance and a snapshot of the year’s research highlights.

These reports also include updated information on contract research organisations, platform technologies bioinformatics and biostatistics, clinical registries and biobanks, and our other shared facilities and services.

Download PDFs of the Alfred Research Alliance Annual Research Reports (formerly AMREP Annual Research Reports) below.

Research Reports

Alfred Research Alliance Annual Research Report 21-22
2020/21 Annual Research Report
Alfred Research Annual Report 2019-2020
Alfred Research Alliance 2018 Research Report
AMREP Research Report 2016-2017
AMREP Research Report 2014
AMREP Research Report 2013
AMREP Research Report 2012
AMREP Research Report 2011
AMREP Annual Review 2010-11
AMREP Research Report 2010
AMREP Annual Review 2009-10
AMREP Research Report 2009
AMREP Research Report 2008

Education Publications


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