Around the Precinct – 1 December 2022

The importance of preconception health for both mother and baby, the impact of antivirals on death and hospitalisation in COVID-19, and $5 million to develop new strategies for malaria elimination – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Monash SPHPM preconception health

New research from Monash University has shown how preconception health can impact health outcomes for both mother and baby.

Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

National leaders in Compassion Training for Healthcare Workers
Compassion is known to benefit the patient but research now shows that compassion is a positive state of mind, increasing the well-being of the giver and protecting against burnout.
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Preconception health is important for women – and probably men: review
New research has underlined the importance of good health before conception for women – and probably men.
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Family planning: The importance of preconception health
Optimising health before pregnancy can improve health outcomes for both the mother and newborn baby. However, not everyone is aware of the need for good health before pregnancy – they generally start thinking about this during pregnancy.
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Burnet Institute

Meet the female powerhouses behind HIV research at Burnet
Professor Gilda Tachedjian, Dr Lindi Masson and Dr Anna Hearps are at the vanguard of HIV research aiming to help women better protect themselves against the disease.
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Analysis of the impact of antivirals
Associate Professor Suman Majumdar and colleagues from the Victorian Department of Health analyse the impact of antivirals on the risk of death and hospitalisation in this article for The Conversation.
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NHMRC grant brings synergy to strategies for malaria elimination
A Burnet-led team has been awarded a $5 million NHMRC Synergy grant to develop multiple strategies to interrupt malaria transmission.
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Focus on prevention in Burnet Long COVID submission
The importance of prevention is a key theme of Burnet Institute’s submission to the House of Representatives Health Committee Inquiry into Long COVID.
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