Around the Precinct – 11 November 2021

This Remembrance Day, Alfred Health is reflecting on all the ways their staff have helped during times of conflict throughout their 150-year history. This long-standing commitment to service and overcoming adversity has also enabled them to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic head on and provide expert care to some of Victoria’s sickest patients, some of whom are in hospital for weeks or months.

Elsewhere on the precinct, 10 Alliance researchers have received funding in the latest round of NHMRC Ideas Grants, covering a range of areas including brain injury, diabetic kidney disease, epilepsy, heart failure and HIV. The Baker Institute is also marking World Diabetes Day this Sunday, which aims to raise awareness of inequality in diabetes care and how it can be improved.

Remembrance Day 2021

This Remembrance Day, Alfred Health is reflecting on how their staff have helped during times of conflict.

Alfred Health

Remembrance Day 2021
Alfred Health will join other Australians in marking Remembrance Day on November 11. As The Alfred marks its 150th anniversary, archivist Peter Frawley reflected on the long and respected history of support provided by staff during times of conflict.
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Monash University

Faculty secures over $35m in NHMRC Ideas Grants
Researchers from Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences were awarded in excess of $35 million across 33 projects in the NHMRC Ideas Grant scheme. Collectively, the University has received more than $41 million for 38 projects – the most of any Australian university for the second year in a row.
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Long-term effects of COVID-19 revealed in important Australian study
A recent Monash University study, led by Professor Carol Hodgson, has found six months after recovering from COVID-19 critical illness, one in five people had died, and almost 40 per cent of survivors had a new disability.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

World Diabetes Day spotlights health inequality
The theme for World Diabetes Day 2021 is improving access to diabetes care. We spoke with PhD student Jedidiah Morton about his passion for health equity and his work highlighting how diabetes care can be a postcode lottery even in Australia.
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Polygenic scores go beyond risk prediction to identify causes of disease
For the first time, scientists have used polygenic scoring to identify molecular drivers of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which could be targeted to prevent or treat the chronic and costly conditions.
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NHMRC Ideas Grant funding
The Institute has shared in national funding to drive innovative research including a major project to explore the role of genetics and mitochondrial dysfunction, and its impact on heart and brain health.
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Burnet Institute

Better COVID vaccine information needed for key populations
Burnet study showing a high proportion of Melburnians who inject drugs are unwilling to be vaccinated for COVID-19 prompts calls for improved access to information.
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Burnet support for National Plan modelling
Burnet Institute was a collaborator on the latest modelling to support the National Plan to Transition Australia’s National COVID Response.
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NHMRC Ideas Grant for Burnet HIV research
A project led by Dr Anna Hearps focusing on a neglected problem in HIV cure research has been awarded an NHMRC Ideas Grant.
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