Around the Precinct – 14 July 2022

A world-first trial into the benefits of transdermal CBD gel for adults with epilepsy, a rethink on the use of painkillers for heart attacks, and the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on diabetes management – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Monash epilepsy CBD trial

After six months, more than half of the epilepsy patients treated with transdermal CBD gel in a recent Monash trial experienced a 50% reduction in seizures.

Monash University – Central Clinical School

World first Australian and New Zealand trial of cannabidiol transdermal gel for the most common hard-to-treat epilepsy type in adults
Professor Terry O’Brien has led a trial using transdermal CBD gel in adults with focal epilepsy. After six months of treatment, over half the patients experienced a 50%+ reduction in seizures.
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Challenging 50 years of pain relief for management of heart attacks
Researchers from the School’s Centre for Cardiac Research and Education in Therapeutics (CCRET) have been building a body of work that challenges over 50 years of medical practice regarding the use of opioids to treat people experiencing myocardial ischaemic pain – pain caused by a blockage of blood supply to the heart.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Covid disruptions take a heavy toll on those with type 2 diabetes
The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns, including poor access to healthcare professionals, made diabetes management more difficult for those living with type 2 diabetes during the pandemic.
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Fast Five with Yasmin Watts
This week is NAIDOC Week, a week when we celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. At the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, we are committed to health equity and have a research facility at Alice Springs Hospital, where we undertake important research work. We are also committed to developing an Aboriginal health research workforce.
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