Around the Precinct – 16 June 2022

This week, three of our members – Alfred Health, Monash University and Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute – have received significant funding for important mRNA projects aiming to improve treatments for muscular dystrophy, metabolic liver disease in infants and cardiovascular disease. The funding is from the state government’s $2 million mRNA Victoria Research Acceleration Fund, which will help to identify different ways that mRNA technology can be applied to combat a range of diseases and health conditions.

mRNA funding

This week the focus is on mRNA technology, with three Alliance members receiving funding for innovative new projects.

Alfred Health

Urgent plea following record high campfire burns
A record number of burns from accidents around campfires has authorities urging campers to exercise greater caution around fires.
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Monash University – Central Clinical School

Monash mRNA projects get funding boost
Two Monash University projects using mRNA delivery to improve treatments for people with muscular dystrophy or metabolic liver disease in infants have received more than $360,000 through the mRNA Victoria Research Acceleration Fund.
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There’s convincing evidence the pill can cause depression, and some types are worse than others
Since the 1960s, “the pill” has been a popular choice of contraception for many women around the world. On February 1 1961, Australia became the second country in the world to enable access to the pill, thereby allowing women to have control over their fertility and separate sexual activity from reproduction, a major revolution.
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Separated at birth: Racism and unconscious bias in perinatal health services
After nine months, imagine giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. As tired as you are, you adapt to your new sleep-deprived routine, feeding your newborn at any time of the day and night as needed. But then child protection services arrive with the police, and a court order, to take your baby from your arms and place them in the care of a stranger.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Innovative mRNA research project to tackle cardiovascular disease
A team of Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute researchers has been awarded a Victorian mRNA Research Acceleration Grant for research into the development of targeted mRNA technology to combat cardiovascular diseases.
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Burnet Institute

Vale Professor Ruth Bishop AC
The Board and staff of Burnet Institute are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Professor Ruth Bishop whose rotavirus research helped prevent the deaths of thousands of children and infants globally.
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Queen’s Birthday Honours
Burnet Institute offers its warmest congratulations to associates and collaborators recognised for their outstanding community service in the 2022 Queen’s Birthday Honours.
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Harnessing research fields and expertise to solve a major health problem
Medical research is widely thought of in the context of biomedical sciences. An approach that merges the strengths of biomedical and socio-behavioural research may just be the combination that can generate new insights to prevent major health problems such as HIV.
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New scholars to honour Evelyn Lavu
Laboratory scientists Nomin-Dora Tenakanai and Jennifer Kopania Banamu are the inaugural winners of a new travel scholarship created to encourage tuberculosis (TB) researchers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to expand their skill set at Burnet Institute.
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