Around the Precinct – 18 August 2022

Funding for an innovative antibody therapy that could reduce strokes and heart attacks, modelling confirms the benefits of mask-wearing in the fight against COVID-19, and an analysis of the tools available to physicians to track MS progression – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Prof Christoph Hagemeyer, Monash University

Prof Christoph Hagemeyer and his team have received BioCurate funding to progress their novel antibody-based therapy for acute thrombosis.

Monash University – Central Clinical School

Monash team receives BioCurate support to develop anti-thrombotic treatment
Professor Christoph Hagemeyer, Head of the NanoBiotechnology Laboratory at Monash University, and his team have received Proof of Concept funding from BioCurate to develop a first-in-class antibody-based therapy that specifically targets acute thrombosis, the cause of many heart attacks, strokes and vascular blockages.
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30 days after surgery: crucial indicator of quality of care
Women, older people and those with more comorbidities are more likely to have complications, discharge to a care facility, hospital readmissions or death in the 30 days after surgery than other population groups, according to research published on 15 August by the Medical Journal of Australia.
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Genetic risk factor for clotting after COVID-19 infection
With blood clots caused by COVID-19 already associated with a higher risk of death, it is important to understand which groups are vulnerable and how best to treat them. New information is emerging on COVID-associated blood clots in people with inherited thrombotic conditions such as the common Factor V Leiden, which affects about in one in every 20 or 25 people in Australia.
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Booster doses increase protection against COVID-19 variants
COVID-19 vaccines have been rolled out across the world with great success. However, variants of concern (VoC) now challenge the protection that these vaccines provide. Third and fourth dose boosters are known to increase protection against VoC, but the immunological basis of this is still unclear.
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From the bedside to the bench and back: A translational career for Alex Boussioutas
Professor and Director of Gastroenterology Alex Boussioutas holds a joint senior academic and clinical role with Alfred Health and Monash University, the latest of a string of prestigious appointments. He has also had a remarkable research career.
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Paper analyses tools tracking MS progression
Monitoring symptoms is crucial for the effective management of Multiple Sclerosis, and a Monash PhD student, Katherine Kenyon, has reviewed the tools available to clinicians.
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Reducing the impact of infectious diseases in the Asia-Pacific
Monash Public Health and Preventive Medicine’s Associate Professor James Trauer was a finalist in the 2022 Eureka Prizes, some of the most prestigious prizes in Australian science. In 2021 he won a Victorian Young Tall Poppy Award, another significant achievement. Here we focus on the body of work that has led to this moment.
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Burnet Institute

Burnet farewells Dr Stenard Hiasihri
Dr Stenard Hiasihri – a key member of Burnet’s Papua New Guinea leadership team – is leaving the Institute later this month.
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Modelling quantifies the potential benefits of mask wearing against Omicron
Burnet modelling for the Victorian Government has reaffirmed the benefits of masks and that Omicron variants may still be going undiagnosed or unreported.
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