Around the Precinct – 22 July 2021

New mental health partnerships, how blood pressure is linked to dementia and cognitive decline, and we meet one of the many talented researchers on our precinct – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Dr Tye Dawood Baker Institute

Dr Tye Dawood from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is investigating treatments for a range of cardiovascular-related conditions.

Alfred Health

New headspace partnership delivers important services for young people
After years of grass-roots campaigning from local young people and the broader community, a specialised youth mental health service in Monash has officially been launched.
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Monash University Central Clinical School

Reffing hell: Restrictions reign, but it’s a rocky road to zero COVID
As Australia grapples with another COVID crisis, we’re once again placed on high alert. What started as a breach from hotel quarantine in NSW has now spread to five other jurisdictions, with most places increasing their level of restrictions in response.
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Monash University School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Blood pressure variability associated with increased risk of dementia, especially in men
A new report from the long-term ASPREE study, involving Monash University, has revealed high blood pressure variability (BPV) in older adults, particularly in men, is associated with an increased risk of dementia and cognitive decline.
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Dark new frontier: In the online world, child sexual abuse is taking hold
“Stranger danger” now lurks less in the streets, and more in adult dating apps, gaming sites and consoles, and social media.
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Monash study reveals the who, what and where of homicides in people over 65 – revealing home is often unsafe
Monash University researchers have produced the first comprehensive study into homicide and older adults revealing that violent death in over 65s is far more likely to occur in their home compared to younger homicide victims.
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Safe at home? We need a new strategy to protect older adults from violent crime
Older adults’ experience of violent death is different to that of younger adults, our new research finds.
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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Meet Dr Tye Dawood from our Human Autonomic Neurophysiology laboratory
Dr Tye Dawood is working with Professor Vaughan Macefield exploring brain areas responsible for increased sympathetic outflow in conditions associated with cardiovascular health such as hypertension, ageing, heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
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Burnet Institute

World-first study shows effectiveness of masks in preventing COVID transmission
Burnet research shows how the mandating of masks during Melbourne’s second wave in 2020 ‘turned the epidemic around’.
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IAS award for Burnet researcher
Burnet Research Assistant and PhD candidate Brendan Harney has been acknowledged for excellence in research with an IAS/MSD Prize for Research in HIV Prevention.
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Burnet support for HIV Consensus Statement
Professor Margaret Hellard joins HIV experts from around the world in support of the long-term well-being of people living with HIV.
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Burnet Institute Travel Awards
The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t dampened travel ambitions for winners of Burnet Institute’s Travel Awards for 2020.
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