Around the Precinct – 28 July 2022

Monash researchers named as finalists in the prestigious Eureka Prizes, a new resource to support patients diagnosed with advanced melanoma, and a major breakthrough that could transform treatment of Type 1 and 2 diabetes – this week at the Alfred Research Alliance.

Monash CCS diabetes study

A world-first discovery by Monash researchers could provide new options for treatment of Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Alfred Health

Helping patients through their melanoma journey
A new resource provided to patients at the time of their advanced melanoma diagnosis is set to make things easier during what can be an overwhelming time.
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Organ donation helps Petra beat all odds
Petra Brosch was enjoying a routine daily jog along Elwood Beach when she collapsed suddenly and went into cardiac arrest.
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Long-term cannabis treatment reduces seizures
A world-first trial of medical cannabis-based treatments for drug resistant epilepsy has shown that prolonged use in adults significantly reduced the frequency of seizures.
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Monash University

Congratulations to the four MNHS nominated finalists for the 2022 prestigious Eureka Prizes
Four Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences research projects across the ‘Research and Innovation’ and ‘Leadership’ categories have been named as finalists in the 2022 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.
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Monash University – Central Clinical School

Associate Professor Eric Chow wins Australian Society for Medical Research best paper award
Congratulations to Associate Professor Eric Chow who has received the 2022 Australian Society for Medical Research Best Publication Prize.
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New discovery could pave the way for improved treatments for diabetes
In a world-first, a study by Monash University has discovered a pathway to the regeneration of insulin in pancreatic stem cells, a major breakthrough toward new therapies to treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
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Dr Emily Edwards wins ASPIRE award for primary immunodeficiency research
Congratulations to Dr Emily Edwards for winning the ASPIRE award presented by Grifols. The ASPIRE  (Award for Scientific Progress in Immunodeficiency Research) Award program is particularly interested in innovative ideas in the field of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies and the role of immunoglobulin therapy.
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HIV home testing vital for early diagnosis
Home-based tests designed to rapidly detect the presence of HIV could prove vital in the early diagnosis of the virus among the most vulnerable cohort, new research published in the Medical Journal of Australia has revealed.
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Monash University – School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Opioid prescription patterns in injured workers
The opioid epidemic has seen governments and health policy makers around the world seek alternative methods of pain relief where possible. Yet a new Australian study has revealed that in a sample of compensated workers experiencing low back pain (LBP), a third were prescribed opioids and a small but significant proportion received the drugs long-term in either moderate or high volume.
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Burnet Institute

This World Hepatitis Day, it’s your right to live free of hep C
A new public health campaign targeting declining hepatitis C testing and treatment rates aims to keep Australia on track to eliminate the disease by 2030.
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