Bioinformatics Program – Baker Institute

The Bioinformatics Program at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute aims to build bioinformatics capacity through collaboration (internal and external), support and training.

The program offers data analysis across a range diverse technologies including genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and

A/Prof Mike Inouye’s team, Baker Institute Bioinformatics Program.

metagenomics / microbiota, as well as cross-omic integration.

A diverse set of analytical techniques is employed, including statistical analysis, machine learning, network analysis and high-dimensional data visualisation as well as the design of computational algorithms.

This enables the identification of genetic variants, genes and other biomolectular / organismal entities that differ between conditions, enabling researchers to make disease predictions, infer pathogenesis and identify targets for intervention.

The ideal interaction with the Bioinformatics Program at The Baker Institute is collaborative.

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