Preclinical Metabolic Phenotyping / Bioenergetics Facility


This platform contains equipment to enable the characterisation of whole-body metabolism in mice as well as mitochondrial function in cells and tissues.


  • Mitochondria respiration can be measured to test the effect of genetic alterations or drug treatments on energy production.


  • echoMRI machine which measures body composition (fat and lean mass),
  • Metabolic cages which measure oxygen consumption, energy expenditure, physical activity levels and food intake,
  • Rodent treadmill for exercise capacity testing and training programs.
  • Mitochondrial equipment measures the respiration of mitochondria

Access and Contact

The facility is available for research collaboration and external researchers. Contact the facility for further information on access requirements.

General research enquiries

A/Prof Brian Drew
Head, Molecular Metabolism and Ageing
Baker Institute