Alfred Health Week Research Day Celebrated

Last week across the Alfred precinct, Alfred Health Week was celebrated with a number of events and awards. Many of these highlighted the research which is done across the precinct, including the annual Research Poster Display in the main corridors of The Alfred, a keynote address and luncheon on Research Day, and the presentation of the Alfred Research Alliance Research Awards.

Professor Ricky Johnstone from Peter Mac presented the keynote address.

A highlight of Alfred Health Week is always the Research Day keynote address, this year presented by Prof Ricky Johnstone from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, From Fundamental Research to Clinical Care: The Story of CAR T Cell Immunotherapy at Peter Mac.

Prof Johnstone presented the fascinating story of the development of CAR T Cell immunotherapy and the ‘journey of a thousand steps’ the research teams shared to take this trailblazing therapy from fundamental research into clinical practice.

It was a fascinating insight into the challenges, risks and eventual triumphs of innovative translational research, and one which resonated particularly with the audience, given that this is such a strong focus of the Alliance members.


Following the address, Prof Johnstone presented the 2019 Alfred Research Alliance Research prizes, which recognise the excellence of published research articles by researchers at the Alfred Research Alliance. You can read more about the Prize winners here.