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Around the Precinct – 20 August 2020

Celebrating the excellence of our newly-named ‘Young Tall Poppies’, the success of an emergency mental health intervention program to reduce harmful behaviours in a hospital setting, and the launch of new graduate course units to boost clinical research in translational medicine. Plus, the COVID-19 response continues apace. Here’s just some of what has happened this… Read More

Around the Precinct – 13 August 2020

The COVID-19 response continues, with a drug that may help speed recovery and a major study following those with ongoing symptoms; experts back Victorian restrictions, provide a reliable source of information to patients, and sound a warning on mental health in prisons. In other news, the discovery of new heart cells could unlock the key… Read More

Around the Precinct – 6 August 2020

Researchers confirm the importance of a good sleep and flag more effective ways to identify those at risk of heart disease; COVID-19 research continues with new funding for immunity research, and clinical trials on antivirals and convalescent plasma; evidence shows that Melbourne’s COVID-19 restrictions are working; and your chance to get involved in clinical trials… Read More

Around the Precinct – 30 July 2020

Concerning news about how COVID attacks the brain while the fight continues with a rapid point-of-care test and the wider health implications of the pandemic are explored; a grant received to boost women’s health; discoveries shed light on glioma, MS, dermatitis, atrial fibrillation, inflammation and immune disease; the importance of community engagement and leadership highlighted… Read More