Alfred Health Week 2020 – Researcher Centre

Click the links below to submit your poster for the 2020 Research Poster Display and be considered for this year’s Poster Prizes, and find out more about how journal articles by Alliance researchers are recognised in the Alfred Research Alliance Research Prizes.

Alfred Research Alliance

Alfred Health Week Research Poster Display

Submit your poster for the 2020 Alfred Research Alliance Research Poster Display to have your work displayed at the Alfred precinct during Alfred Health Week 2020, and in our new online Virtual Poster Display.

Please click below to complete the form to qualify, and either upload your poster or use the easy-to-use Digital Poster Template to create a contemporary poster that will maximise impact and effectiveness on both physical and digital channels (click here to find out the advantages of using the template to design a new poster).

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Poster Display Criteria

Subject to the number of poster submissions received, not all posters may be displayed in the 2020 Research Poster Showcase. Posters will be assessed for inclusion based on content, visual suitability and alignment with the values of Alfred Health. All eligible posters, whether displayed or not, will be considered for poster prizes (see below for more information).

Alfred Research Alliance

Alfred Health Week Research Poster Prizes

Prizes are offered by a number of the Alfred Research Alliance member organisations for excellent research posters in the annual Research Poster Display.

Prizes are awarded in Basic Laboratory, Clinical and Public Health categories, in research areas including Allergy and Respiratory Physiology, Cancer and Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Psychiatry, Nursing and Allied Health.

To be considered for a prize, simply submit your poster by following the instructions above or clicking the button below. Make sure you nominate the prize for which you wish your poster to be considered.

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poster Prize decision process

Poster prizes are awarded, and judged, by individual departments and/or organisations who have a presence at the Alfred precinct. You may nominate which prize you wish your poster to be considered for by ticking the relevant box, or boxes, when you fill out your poster submission form. The final selection, evaluation and decision will be made by the organisation offering the prize, not by the Alfred Research Alliance.

Alfred Research Alliance

Alfred Research Alliance Research Prizes

The Alfred Research Alliance Research Prizes are awarded annually for the best journal articles describing original research published in the previous calendar year. Awards are made for Clinical/Public Health research and for Basic Research.


Assessment of entries is based on the following criteria:

  • Impact factor of the journal
  • Award is made to the first or senior author
  • The research must have been undertaken whilst employed by, or a student of, one of the Alliance members
  • The article must represent original work
  • Reviews, editorials and case reports are excluded